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Dec 08

Living with the Nokia N95-8GB: Why Nokia is a laggard

Wanted to share my experience, month two of owning the N95-8GB.
My main bone of contention with Nokia – is the fact that they cannot communicate. They would not find their way out of a paper bag. The big issue is with their software and services – the two things that are there to enforce the bond between you and the company and much more importantly, are there to convince you that your next phone should be Nokia.
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Sep 08

Hey Microsoft: Outlook Web Access does not work that well with IE 8

An add on to my angry post about Internet Explorer 8; having accessed my company’s Outlook Web Access application – the webmail side of the Exchange server we use (Exchange 2003), I was unable to forward an email using IE 8.

Google at least claims to have Chrome tested before unleashing it unto the world. Microsoft apparently does not even test its own products. Trashing mercilessly. I know.

Aug 08

Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop or why Google has nothing to worry about

Yahoo! is the, if not one of, provider of email to the world.
They also have a pretty good calendar and not so bad contact management. A lot of it has to do with people sticking by them because Yahoo! was there early on despite the lack of true innovation in those applications. Now Yahoo! has a chance to do great things and sadly misses the boat.

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