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Sep 13

Nokia Lumia 1020: First week’s impressions of Windows Phone

CN Tower at night

The CN Tower in Toronto, shot at night without flash on Nokia Lumia 1020

It has now been a week since I got the Nokia Lumia 1020.
The phone feels great in your hand.
The photos are very good.
You do feel like you live on an island.

Windows Phone is still a novelty.

I love the flat design and once you get its implementation of panels, its interface seems more fluid than iOS’ dependency on tabs. The user interface’s fit and finish are polished and smooth, nothing like the noisy bumpy experience on Android.

I am what I believe is an enterprise user.
I need impeccable email and calendar experience, as close as you would get in Outlook (however frustrating it is sometimes). Windows Phone is not there. It is smooth, but close (see gripes below). Microsoft can and should improve on this, but who do you talk to in order to ask?

Presently, with a week left for me to return the phone, I am swaying between keeping it and getting the new iPhone 5s. Below are some of the impressions I gathered over the last week.

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Posted from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Sep 13

Nokia Lumia 1020: More day 1 impressions

A bit more time with the phone, more notes:

  1. Email so far works great, quite important for me. All accounts set up.
  2. Camera: nighttime performance in urban environment is impressive. Long exposures appear very clear.
  3. Getting the photos from the phone to my Mac apparently involves a special app, which is as cludgy as what you need to do with Android.┬áNo idea yet on how to get the full 38 MP resolution photos from the phone, though. They appear to download automagically when imported to iPhoto. Amazing… See below for some samples. Note that the images in the gallery are the 5 MP versions.
  4. If your app is not on Windows Phone’s home screen tiles, be ready to look for it alphabetically, or just search for it. So on the plus side there is no more rummaging through pages of apps with icons; on the minus side the list gets very long very quickly. There’s a search option and I think I will get used to using that instead.
  5. The apps I use often are generally there. No Instagram (cough) but 6tag is apparently a very very good alternative), Rebtel and Skype for calling, Flickr – all have working apps. The WordPress app does not work too well. This is the second time I am writing this after the first attempt on the device failed.
  6. Background apps – I have no idea about how I can see what apps run in the background, how I switch between them, etc. Not sure if that’s even possible but after the Android, you get used to that. The back button on Windows Phone only goes so far.

Posted from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Mar 12

W Hotels app does it so wrong


Yup, you see it right: the desktop store comes through inside of the iPhone app.

If you embed a web page, do make sure it’s mobile friendly.

Hope it’s an error.