Technology Delivery

  • Vantage point. We have been building for the web since the nineties. Technologies came and went, we embraced and adapted, keeping the lessons and improving. Experience give prescience and the understanding how to build to last, not just because a technology is there or cool.
  • We live the technology. Enavigo offers a robust set of build capabilities. Whether a content management system (CMS), an application server, a mobile app or a single page web application, we have likely used it and continuously learn how to improve. Recent work involved Java (Spring, Play, Android), PHP, Objective-C, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Angular JS, and NodeJS. On the CMS side, Adobe AEM / CQ, Autonomy/Interwoven TeamSite, WordPress, Expression Engine and a variety of light-weight solutions.
  • We lead when you need us. Whether you are looking for a best-cost web development vendor, or already have a partnership established, we can take the lead on your behalf. We are experienced working with local and remote teams, in India, Europe, or the U.S. We will look to establish process, set up the appropriate tools, build relationships and direct the work. We will provide clear timelines and ensure marketing goals are accomplished.
  • IT+Marketing Harmony. Modern enterprises have a robust IT infrastructure managed by a specialized team with little time to make digital marketing their focus. The result is friction between IT and marketing. Enavigo‚Äôs technology team is bi-lingual, speaking both IT and marketing. We know what marketers are looking for and why. We also understand the pressures IT operates under. We step in to support and bridge between marketers, CIOs and everyone in between.