Project Management

  • Experienced. Project management is an art, a trade, a craft. It is a mix of sharp analysis, a good eye for numbers, tenacious tracking, patience and limitless quantities of human touch. Our team has cumulative and individual decades of experience to tap. We have seen the unexpected of old and are ready for the next surprise.
  • Collaborative. Modern marketing projects require the buy-in from all corners of the enterprise. Companies whose teams play best together, win. We make sure to establish firm and clear lines of communications, diffuse tensions and build camaraderie and trust. We will be there with your team to celebrate the successes and learn from mistakes. Together.
  • Agile. Even the best project plans can leave you adrift when business conditions change in mid-course. We avoid that fate by ensuring flexibility and change in our approach. We ensure you see what you are building frequently and mitigate risks, both known and unexpected, from inception to completion. We test often and adjust direction without losing sight of the goal. This is the new order of technology and business.
  • We think about day two. The project is delivered, the launch party was a blast. Now what? We make sure you survive the transition from build to maintenance and continuous improvement. Your team will be trained, handoff managed. Ongoing support will be defined and the technical impact on the rest of your technology environment will be determined to avoid unnecessary surprises. We think long term with you.