• Mobile dominates. The smartphone is now clasped in the majority of hands in developed countries. Asian markets see an explosion of mobile web traffic as the device is or becomes the one device to rule them all, facilitating commerce and entertainment. We were part of this marketing journey from SMS to loading gigabytes of data on tablets in the field. Enavigo will help you understand where you belong in consumers’ lives, what your mobile touch points should be, and when you can shine brightest on the (still) small screen.
  • If you build it, will they come? Motivating consumers to download your app is an art and a science. Our team has years of experience helping brands not only develop and deliver their apps, but also making sure they are downloaded and used. We can help guide you with solid research, marketing knowledge and the actionable recommendations you need to succeed.
  • Beyond the device. Doing ‘just’ an app or ‘just’ a website is not enough. We knew that in 2008 building media, text, and voice-based campaigns for a pre-smartphone world. But now, more than ever, thinking beyond the device itself is the new normal. The Internet of Things will allow consumers to talk to brands in new ways, through iBeacons and NFC tags, over WiFi and Bluetooth. You may not know it yet, but maybe custom hardware will be your new game changer.