Nokia Lumia 1020: Day 1 with Windows Phone

Day 1 thoughts with the Lumia 1020:

  1. As expected, the phone is built very well.
  2. Adjusting to the Windows Phone user interface takes learning. Not as easy a transition from Android, a bigger departure.
  3. Initial shots are fantastic, as they should be.
  4. AT&T shoves crap onto the phone, which is easily removed, though.
  5. LTE speeds are great. Ran Skype with without a problem.
  6. WiFi sharing is very fast (as a result of LTE) but stops working during phone calls, which is disappointing.
  7. To get the phone to show its network connection quality and the time you need to tap the top of the screen.
  8. Office 365 connectivity was very quick and easy to set up. Similarly Google.

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